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the new




there are a lot of problems with the way we organize our occupation and the




something are logistical social


you spiritual problems and some other ecological


an economic problems and


any way of life that’s based on the use


up non-renewable resources and base my breaks by taste never no more resources




anywhere life perceives that world around them


consisting of resources and not beings and community standard is reciprocal


relationship with is going to strike slant face


this complements transplants from last , years the summer smart plant


were really fast food
















are it’s basically


these trees are like the structure there like that the


the scaffolding that holds up the whole house


a healthy ecosystem I can see it in words


you can watch it on TV if you walk through tree plantation we’re almost all


the trees are the same age


almost all the trees are the same species they were planted there by




they were developed genetically to be what human beings wanted to have she


what grows there you see what we’ve seen she refused


you walk out of that you walk into an old


that is exactly what used to be where that tree plantation was


it’s like a line that runs sometimes a line where they drew and they said


cut here not there yet you walk across that line


and your back on earth
















the machines come back after a certain number years


cut it all down do it again and pretend like they can do that


over and over just like that early farmers in america pretended they should


grow crops without


fertilizing until the dust bowl game rules so


we complete the soil we grow the tree farm and all the species


our goal sometimes they’re gone in that they just shifted


to another place in the forest but sometimes are gone for


message and extensions not to


it’s the end of birth it doesn’t come back ever


lash a transitional I knew


that we were attacking biological diversity of the planet


I have no idea we already angered


period %uh mash extensions


ish estimated that as many as  species a day


our income exchanged this is roughly


thousand times normal rate at which station there


of course big stations throughout the history of life


clash but was made by a massive change my


happen uniquely for me period


times and


the easel some a whole release


world the jury hears your money


workers me almost


haha co-host their expressions of %uh civilization and they’re great


records okay but what are the records I’ll


in fact in most cases they were


created by the oppression have others and in some cases the downright slavery


of generations and generations of people


as anything more what’s so important and valuable about that


what does that mean to us now we’re still doing that today


and the mind


officer or something up pretty well digo a energy slaves


where we have some you know energy is this


so much and it does a lot of work force


up and issuer diction first the kind of the relationship between the amount of


energy that he just used in the city


this kind of way of living %uh sure if pair that church


to you finish mister would take uniform slates work for us


%uh each one of us would have at our disposal something like four hundred




now this was  on when fuller


first also into this I would just probably double or triple that by now


like my guess is that because you know thousand energy slaves


working for me do all summer %uh docks


absolutely not sustained and


delighted to for reasons that are normal lives are things that we need to look at


and change


for example our normal life is ecologically and sustainable I mean


we r destroying the life support systems are the plans


are normalized also create huge disparities in health


well which these herbal


really important issues


United anything there this gonna causes


to change decide to change the structure %uh the system


now this old


normal life be underwritten by


cheap and abundant fossil fuels this concept right here


that could lead to change lil


being a finite substance will come to some point


where he actually hits a national level then it goes into


a declining at that point


worst Russia going to decline we’re gonna have to figure out how to make do


with less


we don’t know how to do that lot of people have


very high hopes you made it home wishes


that technology is going to come to the rescue


and saw all these energy problems we have a national and thinking to yourself


we’re running the name no termination alternative


energy systems is going to allow us to run


North America we meeting is running here were even


a substantial fraction we’re going to have to damn scale


and rescale and resizing right-sizing reorganize all these is the


when we run inadequacy issues and is very disturbing because he did


she’s not really matters when we were not when we are no longer able to




the passive growth when we’re no longer able to have more faisal


heels with every passing year to fuel more shopping malls were cars were




enshrined this basically you know america’s


housing infrastructure it is extremely vulnerable to come


people the newly-built million houses that have to be


he did with partial people’s of show how we can heal these houses


lucia mister living in places getting really cold in the winter and


really can freeze to death and places like Iowa and Minnesota and


prettier XD so we’re going to have to figure out an alternative to


the scary American how she doing really quickly


and the new we need to


reinvent our normal lives he so the day are not only


ecologically sustainable in not only


socially just but we need to make a much much less


dependent on fossil fuel















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