Isaac Newton : A Gravidade do Gênio.

Neste documentário, especialistas relatam a vida daquele que foi o maior cientista de todos os tempos. “Se eu vi mais longe, for por estar de pé sob ombros de gigantes” (Isaac Newton).

Isaac Newton : A Gravidade do Gênio – transcrição inglês

it is enough the gravity doesn’t really exist and act according to the laws

which we have explained

and abundantly serves to account for all motions a celestial bodies

and Aussies Isaac neared

new shelled without any shadow of doubt the natural world his mathematical

on that you could apply mathematical loss to explain

every from tides to the falling Apple’s trees

the true cause a problem the image

was detected to be no other and light consists abrazo different for French

ability if night is unlikely very revolution

I mean body discovered now except

normal light made up different colors

this particular discovery concerning light colors

explain why the sky I there’s a

rates sows so on if I have seen further than other

it is because I stood on the shoulders joins

this was a colossus burned my facts time when they picked up

the means the works well

well runners overwhelmed with the

capacity to assimilate this

vast knowledge he was a genius

up extraordinary Cal in my understanding

things genius at that order imposes

sir Pam



there was little cheer to be found in England on Christmas Day

the country was at war with itself

the forces of King Charles the first to know a crumb

waging a fight for the hearts and souls on the divided have also

manner in the county of Lincolnshire the birth of a premature baby was greeted

with a sense

impending doom only three months earlier the child’s father

and and he was given little chance to live to everyone’s surprise

the frail child survived as monahan a baptized him

eyes a commute on after his deceased father and the hope of securing a more

stable future for herself and her child

an accepted offer posts with members from Barnabus miss

the rhetoric the adjoining parish north with Isaac

now only three years old was left with his crampons

but the next eighty years Isaac sold

little others mugged

on the death of a stepfather isaac’s mother returned to Los told

now financially secure Hannah made plans for Isaac’s education as a future

gentleman farmer

he was sent away to Kings Grammar School in granted

an introverted and reduce a student he made few friends

and appeared to take a little interest in his studies it

being a small boy in school he was attacked by the school bully but in

spite of his small stature

he wanted on the bullet and get the bully a thrashing so those are

incredible steely

toughness that run through him Isaac room with mister clarke

who ran an apothecary shop saying Isaacs interests and mysteriously labeled

bottles and bubbling cauldron

ones talk show them how to mix potions and gave them

accessed was bored Isaacs

favorite book became the mysteries of nature and art by John dates

a full full love recipes and schematics for mechanical towards

some he was hand building kites model windmills

and even a water Newton had discovered a refuge from the misery others

loveless only he began to excel in school

and quickly rose to the top of his class

when Isaac turned  Hannah recalled him to will stop to run the farm

Henry stokes Isaacs teacher aware of his budding genius

pleaded with her to let him stay on and apply for university

reluctantly and agree

stokes star pupil was enrolled at Trinity College Cambridge

teaching in

came in those days party wasn’t space advanced or

sophisticated by Pilar Sanders I’m a student had to learn things by


I think the formal instructions from limited a

and Newton probably that much so what he did on his own

with no financial support from his mother Newton had to work his way

through college

performing mutual its another student’s indulged in the biggest social life

new many such Ste instead he pursued his unquenchable thirst for knowledge

in the course of his endeavors he came across the mechanical philosophy

remain take much everything should be thought of in terms of a machine

working parts in contact with one another

so for example the planet’s

thought to move in gigantic swirling

vortices so-so visible matter

Newton’s interest in Cartesian philosophy brought him into contact with

eyes about the

kitchen professor mathematics

and the battles general to challenge Newton was introduced to Galileo’s ideas

on motion and grabbed

Kepler’s laws a planetary motion and Eckhart’s revolutionary work can

algebra Shama tree

dormitories concern itself with shapes triangles and

but they called it was too regimented organized decide everything can be done

by measurement

I’m chemical calculation

the study of Descartes algebra chains Newton’s life forever

he fell in love with mathematics of little interest to show

and Daley college life was now subsumed passionate frenzy after

and one year from  to

for he taught himself everything that was known about modern mathematics

in New the problem set the best mathematicians and the age group of

he knew that he was better than any up them

I think at that point he set himself apart

from others you have to bear in mind that Newton

was not a man and found social relations easy and I think he found mathematics

as annette %eh in which she could live in

Newton got his b-day and wanna graduate scholarship to continue his studies

the following year plague struck

came the university was closed and the return to forestall

except for a short visit back to Cambridge

you close to spend the next  months at home

working completely alone in that time he made revolutionary advances in

mathematics and optics

as well a starting work on his greatest achievement

the laws reputation

you want us to believe that as he watched that Apple for

he realized that the following up the Apple

and the motion of the Moon must be similar phenomenon

there is however no real evidence

that new had that advance notion

until quite a bit later he sets the date of

for his discovery to assure that he would get sole credit for his later work

and the pioneering days of th century science

the means of staking claims to discoveries was to publish

something you turn was very reticent to and later regretted

he want to concerned with publishing make it available to other people

I’m getting go if we don’t say he was intellectual challenge

but he wanted to deal with it wasn’t as mathematical work and will stop that

Newton’s failure to publish was most regrettable you’ve made a number

brilliance discovers in mathematics most notably calculus

but you can call functions

invention of calculus was a major breakthrough mathematics

loving measurement of continuously change in motion and the areas of

complex shapes

others returned to Cambridge in

you showed a copy of his work in mathematics to rise about

at about two years have diplomatic prodding

to get Newton two writers first paper the analysis

although Newton did allow a select group mathematicians to see his work

is to refuse to publish

there who discover using way had

to aspect first new

made the discovery and second other people had to discover

made the discovery

apart from his groundbreaking work in mathematics and is growing appreciation

for the laws of gravity

Newton also applied himself to the study of likes

a bowl the mysteries of nature lights and come up with the most fascinating to

scientists at that time

Newton decided to approach the problem using experimentation and observation

a method of inquiry suggested by Francis Bacon and the th century

find it will stop he bought a prism to observe the phenomenon of Commons

having dock and my chamber made a small hole in my car still at a convenient


the sun’s light

placed my prism its contracts Isaac Newton

what he did first overall

mister find out as far as he could

why the colors are produced the using an exhaustive series of tests

he finally whittle down the possibilities to complain

that quite slight consisted of Raza different kinds

color was a property lights not

Oct this particular

discovery concerning light colors explain why we see color objects

most important noble he came to recognize

that since alone uses like to prisons one on top of the other

they’ll be call fringes

or different refraction colors

so we decided they will telescope in which the magnification was not produced

by a big plans

but by Europe Newton constructed the entire telescope I hand

including grinding the concave mirror in

word of the invention I was reflecting telescope reached Royal Society

an invitation was sent out to Newton to demonstrate low Newton was flat

he built a second telescope and headed hand-delivered to punt

it was enthusiastically received

Newton was a me to go to the member

Rio timberg secretary of the society wrote to Newton

requesting permission to register the invention no

rare moment of expansiveness Newton readily agreed

and asked if she could submit a paper might

was the first publication revising usual it’s the first great scientific


to be published in a scientific journal it’s the first

great breakthrough that doesn’t have any discussion

in it up the nature of the divinity the creation of the world

general metaphysics it’s a straight scientific paper

expecting discussion to focus on his experiments

Newton was Angus to hear only likes to fish

ticularly infuriating with a common some Robert Hooke the recognized leader in

the field

that Newton had borrowed from his work micrograph

when new discoveries cousin science

scientists don’t throw away all that cherished beliefs

Olean storybooks does that ever happen

what they rather do was to see whether

they can find fault with the you


the first important discovery of the modern scientific

era using experimental procedures was met with ridicule among the brightest

minds at this time

Newton who hated controversy was so disheartened by the criticism

but he shelved plans for publication on this work

in calculus

frustrated by the lack of appreciation for his work

he found never to publish

I see I have made myself a slave to philosophy

I will resolutely bid adieu to a two-term Lee except what I do for my

privates expected

Isaac you

it would be nine years before he would reemerged shake

very foundations questions


Newton succeeded Isaac baroness to cation professor of mathematics

as part of the requirement for the post Newton was to be ordained a minister in

the Anglican Church

you from being used an approach this problem in a very typical

minor extensively i the saying yes or no

he decided he would read up on it

in his studies a verdict Christianity Newton became convinced that the

doctrine of the Trinity was a fraud

perpetrated in the third and fourth century

he never F put about meeting this in public it would have cost him his office

bearing in mind was he was a professor at the College of the Holy Trinity

in Cambridge so you could hardly really come up with anti Trinitarian statements

that he was set to resign his post

when he received a dispensation and is a measure the depth of Newton spiritual


but he was willing to abandon all he held dear rather than compromise

his belief in God was the very basis absurdist

he was bon

months after his father da

in the stakes on extorting

passion quest fun knowing

his father’s will the father whom he never

understood guard is the fall

God hands will and it is his

t to search I’ll will

Newton’s gone was a personal a creator who was not only over the world

but apart a rational God revealed himself and the workings of nature

the mechanical philosophy of Rene Descartes

had removed gone nature something new tunes found a part

returns to alchemy the hope for finance

Newton increasingly became worried

about materialistic atheistic

implications mechanical claw shipping

much looking for and natural philosophy spear

rather than matter would be

at the center the world my understanding

happens ok me that he found that in the closet

a whole

alchemy was as old as civilization


it was the study of natural manage a search

for the spirit and matter this spirit manifested itself from physical change

such as fermentation milk  cheats the curative properties have

burbs for in the transmit a shiner metal alchemy

is concerned with manipulating what was seen to be four elemental properties in


the four elements for far more and

realizing that these things may all substances but you could therefore not

only makes

any other substances such as girls but you could also

somehow learn the secrets by which God had put the world together

these secrets were revealed only to those who could decipher it arcane

language and imagery

as found in the works of other alchemists such as

for maize chose ministers Athanasius Kircher

Michael mines Newton believed

that he had been ordained to use his god-given genius

to reveal this most buzzed he was looking for go

he was looking for any particular substance he was looking for

the wisdom which the Al chemical practitioner believe that you

gained want you had learned how much was composed

it walls almost a metaphysical activity in  Newton purchased two furnaces

and converted part of his quarters at Cambridge into an abort

throughout the sixteen seventies and eighties

with the help of a servant humphrey Newton he worked

long into the night pump you for him to be a man


so serious upon a star DC-eight very sparingly

many of times he forgot to eat it all he rarely went to bed

till two or three o’clock the fire scarcely going out night today

be sitting up one night as I did another telly finished his chemical experiments

i’m for you could

as intense as work was in alchemy

mathematics and physics it pales in comparison to his studies in theology


interpretation of Scripture in the th century

is easily as important fall

intellectuals as science what’s

it seems difficult for us to understand

that on this interpretation the hold me

the fixins

depends because group prophecy

good other troops

that has been revealed

to what

and they’ve been shown to be true

you want to know what the real meaning was have the book of revelations

apocryphal test

and the book of Daniel in the Old Testament what was meant by the

reference to the horror

babble he came to believe that there were ancient sources of wisdom

and that the way to get the iOS was not through

spiritual and mystical experiences but by analysis of the texts

like many men of his generation

Newton sorts that mankind in ancient times have the wisdom that had been lost

over the centuries

he believed that his discoveries in mathematics and physics

had been known to the ancient Greeks he sought by Ferguson the ancient

and their numbers the belief that numbers lay at the heart of all things

as the real founders a all rational knowledge and

Newton became convinced that pythagoras had accumulated this wisdom from a

meeting with the Old Testament patriarch Moser’s

in Seatle to accommodate this historically

Newton began compiling the chronology of the ancient king

popped up this scripture interpretation

was to develop a whole system a chronology

re dating the history of the world

pushing the history grease fire

years on the way

in his extensive study of Scripture he was convinced that in three chapters of

the book covers each year could be found

the dimensions of the temple of some

he was back and forth between growing and the taxed

I insisting that the text

had to refer to a possible construction

then from the material necessities

the construction correcting the text where as needed

all at this as an effort to reproduce

the true original temple abortion

at all but the army people right back our

accused you at the heart of all Newton’s work was the convictions

that a rational gaunt and made a rational universe

whose laws could be discerned by analysis and mathematics

I would say that for him

the world is God writing

himself on the universe

as history

the history means there is a succession

up events band

the succession up events salt to

gaunt personal relationship with me

as a shell chemical experiments let him deeper into the search for the spirit of


as understanding a mathematical and physical

nature more profound

approaching was a time

when you would make the divine master plan the system


Newton loved his mother even though she never understood as James

her death in June  saw the passing up new tunes

only human nations all that was left

was his work

by dutifully attending to her last wish is that whilst

Newton was reflecting on a recent correspondence concerning astronomy with

his arch-rival

robert hall book said have you thought I love

explaining the motion of planets according to my hypothesis

which is that’s the planets move on

along the Tanger but there’s a force that draws them toward the center

Newton court all at once the

ok at a a brilliant idea

it was now that the significance of the following Apple

cannot help

his interest in astronomical matters was further heightened by the appearance of


and popular folklore comets were omens

but two astronomers like new they were merely aberrations

seles too much

but all astronomers were looking for was a mathematical explanation for Kepler’s

elliptical motion of planets

in  Robert ok Christopher Wren and Edmund Halley met at a coffee house to


possible mathematical solutions to Valley

call that are Cambridge there was this

absent minded professor never publish very much

a smart man maybe he had theirs

so i’ll reword the last new

worry probably ask was if a planet moves

inner lips what kind of force

is operating a new handset infers

where force how is so how do you know that

News said I’ve proved how he said

okay let me see the proof

well news and went through a kind of Tara diddle

charade of some kind and so i cant find

and howard said we’ll send it to me

because it would be very important

a few months later Newton centre short paper called

on the motion evolving

how realized that this to the Holy Grail

everyone had been looking for

ever since Kepler had devised

the modern system in the world ever since then people wonder

what kind of force could hold that thing together and make it go

in using founded how could you couldn’t believe it he rushed back to Cambridge

in said

this is extraordinary you’ve got to write this up in more detail


put it in the records the Royal Society to guarantee your priority

how he was keen that Newton should write a book on his desk

as the Royal Society was short of money he offered to pay for it themselves

it was an act of generosity for which future generations of scientists

be forever grateful howell et

walls a great diplomat how I had the self-confidence

the natural flair and

the show social some equal rights which we call it

to just humbling well as a result of this

they formed a relationship that lasted best part of a century old

Newton have come to realize start the application of this discovery could

possibly have

white contacted John fam stood at the Royal Observatory to supply him with

data on celestial much

Newton seems to have realized

in the revision a this

track de moto on motion that if the Sun is

pulling on the earth to keep it civil

the earth was below the soil and laws

and birth question track one another and Mars and Jupiter

group Jupiter a nuisance realizes he says that

this problem is so complex that he didn’t think the combined

mathematical power of the human race was sufficient

to deal with

the Principia which he later wrote is a collaboration

have how you deal with that problem

in  the Principia was published

acknowledging his love ancient Greeks old the book was structured as a

classical treatise on the total argument in large

the mathematical reasoning was largely in Euclidean geometry

the geometry of the ancient Greeks

but they have to alter you is needed dominated P wanted to draw a picture

country hope it’s want to see the cabin want the dog attacked

anyone to prove things about it by doing triangles and areas

at because I thought that was closer to the actual physics the book opens with

definitions and mouse

types of forces and a Nash each presented in a radically new lines

using these definitions he postulated to three laws of motion

on these three laws you can construct a tus framework for dynamics and celestial


the bases modern science

using his laws of gravitation a measurable data he described

the structure of the universe he showed how to find massive planets

hi the earth is flat at the polls and why there is a Bhoja you quite

how the tides the precession of the equinoxes

and emotional Commons new tunes

principia is generally reckoned

to be the single most important scientific book

have arisen and published people

attribute this singular importance

to the Principia because for the first time

it set forth a working

quantitative exact

mathematical system based upon experiment

and critical observation I know of no other

work which had so profound effect

upon the very nature of science itself

in the Principia Newton given no explanation for what gravity wall

only how it worked to the followers have to cart in Europe

such as gottfried leave knits the introduction of gravitational forces

working at a distance

seems like a disguised version many people think

seen too many side

to support you Wednesday was bringing back country new

didn’t know what competition was he admitted did not gravity what’s

we don’t know what properties today but what we do

is and knowledgeable more static final Int on this was a major break

in the development in Western science

above all YouTube showed time

was in caps want

knowing what happened at one and it was possible to calculate what happened at


events were determined

this discovery initiated and new era and Western told

one in which man would use the laws of nature two controllers test

the publication of the Principia and it forever

sums he was now the most famous scientist Andrew

just tryout with publication in  Newton had already attracted the

attention at the English ruling class

the king of england James the second was a Catholic

and keen to return to England to Catholicism James saw

to bring about this change by confronting best Parsons

cambridge university was ordered to confirm a degree in a Benedictine monk

father album France

Newton who bowls a fiercely moyle protestant

and also a man of great courage and great personal integrity

with the man who more than anybody else whipped around Cambridge University

to stop them what you might call compromising and she shall

about what they should do this or do that and Newton became effectively

the leader opposition get the granting the beat warm front

the overthrow of King James by William of Orange put an end to the Met

Newton’s leadership role and in the election

as member of Parliament for Cambridge he was party to the passing

on the bill of rights and an honored guest to the coronation William and Mary

she was introduced in became friends with the movers and shakers in politics

and society all this what about a change in Newtons person out

before that time we find the Shire eclipse

after at the man who increasingly enjoyed public fame

he enjoyed being a famous man having disciples from all over European joint


ministers of state falling upon women offering him hi opportunities

the trappings of Fame required a public office to go making you serve as new

friends and previous contacts from Cambridge

the campus for the post but not suitable as of

waiting for an appointment using assumed the role of scientific elder to aspiring

young mathematicians with one of these aspirins fascia that we aim

he formed his one and only emotional relationship

I don’t mean was interested in sex quite simply he was not a man who was

interested in the physical damage control

and I think his relationship with fatty all walls

what would call and intellectual friendship in fattier

Newton sold affections of himself as a young mathematician he also admired the

ease with which fattier moved about in society and fat you decided to move back

to the continent

you to not ask him to step his absence caused you to reflect on his inability

to get a post

as difficulties in dealing with people in late

Newton had a nervous breakdown there’s no doubt


that he had free

we do have to insane matters compacted

be called anything insane matters

out  John Locke a and  samuel peeps

to John Locke sir being that the opinion that you endeavor to embroil me with

women and by other means

I was so much affected with is that when one told me you was sickly

and would probably a I answered  better if you want did

Isaac Newton  when word got around

something was wrong with him

during this crisis at the nineties

peeps rolled notes

I’m afraid that something is happening

tool that

bring is mine

one race out to augment breakdown

texting  as a permanent break


Newton recovered quickly but he was never again to achieve the brilliance of

his earlier years

eventually a post was found

in  was made water at the mint

tower upon

the letter that a point chair makes it clear that the appointment

was being offered to Ms sinecure no one no

really expected him at to involve himself

yeah and the affairs at Butner

was incapable of doing anything by half

Newton was given the job over we

coining the entire British currency but it may sound

or to give this guy a great astronomer mathematician but

balls in many respects very appropriate it was concerned will

purity was concerned with the techniques for mechanically manufacturing

koreans it was concerned with being able to make standardized wat submits

metal what something which concert with mathematics we often think today but

scientists are other subheading the cloud

Newton themselves an extremely efficient runnerup organizations

and keep totally overhauled the mint unity to form a successful

government department low

despite is a claimant success Utah still

and unhappy man

he was known to have lost only once in his life

when asked what possible use so much a good day

other living at the center of a vibrant social life in London

really entertained and never managed

its X that %ah in is got it

he lives with X it doesn’t the with human

the said

Newton’s performance at the mint joining the rico image earned him a promotion to


mint in  a post he held to his death

and which gave them considerably more leverage with the political elite

and green an assumed the throne in

Newton ingratiated himself by minting a special call

green and travel down to Cambridge tonight unfinished work consigns

sir Iza U-turn was now the most famous now

and print

upon the death of Robert Hopkins

Newton was voted president of the Royal Society this first acts was to


all references to

Newton then began process of moving the society

and his each had to force his personality

at the courses scientific standing week

wait and in many ways he could be said to be the first

major scientific political figure nowadays even

granted that sides advise governments on both who put up the first

scientist of that caliber and his best little sided was is

perform that role

the following year be published through the society has worked

the book was a refinement others earlier paper on lights

unlike us first light it was received

without the world have criticized

as an appendix he published as early papers comes

as well as a section called queries these

where general assertions about the order

nature which he was convinced work

but which nevertheless he did not pretend

he could straight be crew to some extent and they are programs

are for investigation

for others

Newton now they had plans for a second additional the Principia

to update the data he needed new astronomical reading

over dinner with John fast Newton offer to publishers work on celestial


lapsed refuse went on fine she was appointed

as the head the whale observatory at greenwich in

he was given virtually no resources all money to do his great product observing

that helped

he therefore felt very annoying when Newton assumed

that he should start handing observations over to him because

effectively they were observations painful out from his own pocket

not to be denied Newton convinced Prince George to fund the publish

which Newton of urge to oversee of

slams to to


when the results were delivered the new an intern his hands

you can do nothing about it transgene became increasingly irate and angry

in general if a buddy betrayed he felt that he was quite simply

victim Newton’s autocracy and the real

blow to friends who came in  when

Newton actually got howell et to publish

aversion a from steeds cattle his lifetime subdivisions

without trans teens permission now this fall’s in many ways

and absent attack on trance tunes integrity and he loathed Obama native

howell et

as the man who actually make that possible

the second addition to the Principia came out the following year

all mentions a fam steed edited out

Newton now returns to was work on calculus

in his younger days newt not shied away from conflict

as an old and powerful man impressed the controversy had been brewing since

leaving it’s published his work

calculus in

up till now you can had allowed his admirers two defenders piled

sheet now took over the reins

through his devoted disciple see began a systematic attack

he released his early work and us personal correspondence with the Mets

to justify claims that the German and stolen has discovered

to resolve the dispute Newton suggested that a committee be formed to


we now know from the manuscripts using Road the first draft

for them when the thing came out the

program law review occupying some twenty or thirty pages

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

but this was published anonymously so

using didn’t behave about things the way ordinary people do

vb.net star-times a broken

ok but ceased to exist trams to die

for the publication others lives world

in the last years at Newton’s life he received a never-ending stream of praise

and deification in Europe Volterra just followers

idolized minute and I in

he was given the pump and circumstance a distinction

for a change

he was better timid royalty in Westminster the poet Alexander Pope

composed to set a time nature run night show small head

and nights God said net neutron beam

and old light

the sent to the came after from eighteen hundreds

we fined for fascination with science with order

and with reasoned knowledge really sets the whole tell me about culture

the one single figures from whom they drew most deeply

walls in fact Isaac Newton

his major work the Principia has become too science with the mona lisa is too

it is the masterwork the pinnacle of scientific expression



in the th century mankind’s greatest achievement

space program is also new toni & Sciences

greatest trial professor shunned risk a

Nobel Prize winner for Astrophysics summed up Newton stature in science this

every time I looked at what you can do

I feel like a schoolboy admonished by as must

I do not know what I may appear to the world but to myself

I seem to have been only like a boy playing in the seashore diversity myself

now finding a smoother pebble pretty a shell

an ordinary other great ocean truthfully





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